The most recurring question in recent weeks has been, “When are you starting with the Buffet again?”

How can you blame yourself–for more than 30 years, the Historic Buffet has made thousands of guests happy. So we cannot forget a faithful gluttonous companion!

That is why we decided to offer it on some dates as a special event!

The next one will be for Ferragosto (mid-August): on Tuesday, August 15 from 12:15 p.m. Bruno and the kitchen staff will be happy to set upevery corner of the charming Fireplace Room where you can all serve yourselves to freely enjoy seafood and land-based offerings, both cold and hot. They range from monfettini in fish broth to delicious seafood salads, via roasts, steaming entrees, colorful vegetables, tasty meats and fish!

The formula includes free access with the charge of €35.00 (all drinks excluded) including a mouthwatering island full of desserts.

The classic a la carte menu is not provided.

We invite you to make your reservation online at