Neri Estate Winery

Our wine list is always on the move!

That is why we decided to take you on a journey with us, to a winery that particularly amazed us during a blind tasting.

A few minutes from Quel Castello di Diegaro we find Tenuta Neri, a family-run winery that has been operating since 1951, the year Luigi Neri decided to buy the land, tending it with passion and tenacity.

Warmly welcoming us was Valeria, his granddaughter, who is in charge of winemaking and marketing.

The winery covers 19 hectares of vineyard on the hills of Carpineta di Cesena at 240m/sl on sandy soils with a significant presence of silt and clay, which impart a notable savory impetus in their products.

Their wines come from careful manual selection of grapes subjected to initial integrated pest management, later organic (not certified). In addition, no residual chemical elements are found, which is why since 2015 there has been a “Zero Residue” label on the label.

Theirs is a modest reality, so much so that it is reminiscent of the “Vins de Garage” phenomenon, in fact we can find alongside the vitrified concrete tanks also an autonomous bottling plant, moreover with DIAM technical caps that guarantee the absence of TCA, the classic corky smell.

This is further confirmation that Valeria offers a 360-degree look at nature and the end consumer.

We have selected three really interesting labels.


Romagna Albana DOCG dry

It is a pure Albana of great elegance, distinguished from the others by the absence of the cumbersome exuberance that this grape variety often shows, so much so that we call it “Friulaneggiante.”
It shows a neat and clean olfactory picture, characterized by the presence of peach flesh followed by more elegant elderflower. The palate is mouthwatering with good balance and a unique mineral finish.

Pasquinon Household

Romagna Sangiovese DOP Superior

Made from Sangiovese grapes that are 20 years old on spurred cordon that ages in bottle for 4 months.
By us, in blind tasting referred to as “Chiantineggiante,” the nose introduces aromas of ripe fruit with characteristic floral raisin scents. It is imposing with a firm tannic structure that slowly soars, revealing freshness and savoriness.


Merlot Rubicon IGP

It takes its name from the presence of a centuries-old oak tree that towers over the vineyard and represents the soul of the land. It is the winery’s flagship, made from only field-grown Merlot grapes, which undergo withering in the vineyard. Ages in barrique for six months, then refines in bottle for another six.
In a blind tasting it surprised everyone, juggling decently among the great Bordeaux cousins.
It has an evolved and extractive flavor profile with considerable evolutionary potential. It shows a muscular sip that envelops the palate, balanced by a pleasant freshness and a final salty breath.

Thanks to Valeria we enjoyed in the round the colors and flavors of another hidden reality of Cesena, which brings back warmth and familiarity, so visiting it will feel like home.